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Help First Base Clients Access a Healthy, Balanced Diet

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Every year across the UK communities celebrate the autumnal Harvest Festival, to give thanks to all the wonderful produce available in the UK.

However, many people who are homeless in Brighton and Hove are not so fortunate to have access to healthy and affordable food. First Base Day Centre provides breakfast and lunch throughout the week, helping to ensure that our visitors get a healthy, balanced diet.

We are calling on schools, churches and community groups to consider supporting First Base during the Harvest festival so that it can continue providing its vital work. Any collections or donations would be gratefully received.

Please click here to contact us and find out more.

Liz DaviesLots of people and groups celebrate the harvest festival each year and collect food and donations. If you are part of a collection please consider First Base Day Centre this year and help us to support some of the most vulnerable men and women in Brighton and Hove.

Liz Davies, BHT Fundraising Officer

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