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The Most Important Gift You Can Give This Christmas: Lee’s & Greg’s Stories

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Lee’s Story

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Greg’s Story

xmas_campaign2014_greg's_story_W220I have been homeless on and off for four years now.

My childhood was not a happy time for me and my sisters and we suffered both mental and physical abuse from our stepfather.

When I was 14 I left home and I never looked back.

First Base has been such a life line for me. The staff have been really supportive and have helped me with my benefit claims and other things that I have found really difficult.

They helped me to find accommodation in a hostel in Brighton and it has given me the chance to start to get my life back together.

I started on the catering training course they do and discovered that there was something that I really enjoyed. I am good at it and I find the whole process of cooking really therapeutic.

The staff have encouraged me all the way and encouraged me to enrol on a catering training course. I was so shocked when my acceptance letter came through.

For the first time in my life I have a plan for my future.

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