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John Holmström Leaves BHT

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John HolmströmFor the last three months or so, BHT has been undertaking a review of its management structure. The aim of this review has been to establish a structure that is right for the organisation as it faces up to various challenges expected over the next five years.

With the proposed new structure there is no scope for retaining the post of Assistant Chief Executive. John Holmström, the current post holder, agrees that changes have to be made to the senior management of BHT and helpfully recognises that the organisation cannot proceed with someone solely dedicated to the role he carries out. His duties will be distributed to other positions and John has decided to take voluntary redundancy.

In order that these changes can take place as soon as possible it has been agreed that it is best if he leaves with immediate effect, thus giving us all the chance to adjust to a new way of working. I will be in touch with John from time to time with regard to handover issues and I appreciate John putting himself forward to be contacted in this way even though he will have officially left his post. We have worked together for many years and I will miss him.

At some point soon I hope to announce a gathering at which we can say a proper goodbye to John and thank him for all his good work. Unfortunately, due to the short notice of decision it has not been possible to sort this out yet.

I would like to thank John for his service to BHT since the mid 1980’s, for the contribution he has made to services for homeless men and women in Brighton and East Sussex, and the difference he has made to our communities.

Andy Winter, Chief Executive

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