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BHT Sets Up Landlord Liaison Service

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BHT’s Eastbourne Advice Centre and Eastbourne Borough Council have joined forces to increase the availability of accommodation in the private rented sector for people in housing need.

The service will work with individuals and families who the Council has a duty to house but where there is no social housing immediately available.

BHT’s Eastbourne Advice Centre welcomes Veronica Tomlin as their new Landlord Liaison Officer. Her role will be to make contact with landlords to source accommodation and act as a link between private sector landlords and Eastbourne Borough Council.

With a dedicated officer there will be greater consistency and support for landlords, leading to improved tenant-landlord relationships and an increase in the accommodation available to those in housing need.


We will build good working relationships with private landlords in the Eastbourne area to increase the housing stock available to our clients, and also to ensure tenant-landlord relationships run smoothly.

With better communication comes better understanding between both parties, which in turn will build good relations with the tenants as well.

Veronica Tomlin, BHT Landlord Liaison Officer

This role will act as a single point of contact for Landlords and will be important in us meeting an increasing demand for housing in Eastbourne.

We will work in partnership with Landlords to face this challenge together and provide good quality stable environment for local people.

Jessica Haines, Senior Specialist Advisor, Housing, Eastbourne Borough Council

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