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Leading Councillor Visits BHT to Mark World Mental Health Day

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world-mental-health-day-2015_W300The lead on mental health in Brighton and Hove City Council, Cllr Caroline Penn, has visited BHT’s Shore House Mental Health Project to mark World Mental Health Day.

Shore House supports twenty men and women with complex mental health problems. Caroline Penn learned about the work of the project and what BHT does to address mental health across the City.

Many clients of BHT are celebrating World Mental Health Day with a focus on what they have achieved including films, workshops and arts and crafts.

This is an inspiring place and I have deepened my understanding of how mental health problems impact on individuals and everyday living, and the excellent work being done by BHT.

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is ‘Dignity in Mental Health’. Shore House personifies this, the way residents experience living in this service. Staff look beyond the problem and see the person.

I, too, have experienced mental ill health and have taken encouragement from the courage of the residents and clients of BHT.  Mental health problems effect one in four of the population and it is important that we all are more open about this.

I was diagnosed with a mild form of bipolar last year. I want to see an increase in funding, better access to talking therapies and early intervention. This would be a huge step forward in improving mental health services. Over 3,000 people a month are being treated for mental health problems in the city. We can and should do better.

Cllr Caroline Penn

Shore House is just one of many services in BHT that support men and women with mental health needs. Mental illness can happen to anyone, from any background, from any class. That is why it is so important to raise awareness and reduce the stigma that has been attached to mental ill health for far too long.

Sharon Munnings, BHT’s Senior Manager for Mental Health

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