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Mental Health Service in Pool Table Donation

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BHT’s Shore House project, received an anonymous donation of £350 to purchase a pool table.

The donation was a response to a request from the project for leisure amenities.

We are delighted by the generosity of the person who has donated the funds for a pool table.

There was a need to utilise space in our lounge and encourage client engagement. The pool table will do just that, and we are extremely grateful.

Dee Reeves, Operational Manager

I saw a newspaper article about BHT, which made me want to learn more about the services that they do for people in need.

On their website was a story saying that Shore House would like a pool table, and I thought I could help. Whilst I have permanent accommodation now with the security of a good job and family, I came very close to being homeless at age 17, so understand how the safety net from home to homelessness is so thin.

The donor, who wants to remain anonymous

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