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Mobile Phone Recycling Scheme Supports BHT

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BHT has teamed up with forgotten Mobile and is asking supporters to donate their old mobile phones.

Phones sent to Forgotten Mobile using the pre paid envelopes provided are reconditioned and resold. Each phone is worth £8 on average. Funds raised from the sales are then donated to the BHT.

To request a freepost envelope please click here or visit our Support Our Work section.

This is a really valuable and effective way for people to make a charitable donation. Lots of people will be lucky enough to have received a new phone for Christmas. We hope that people will think of us as they put their old phones away in a drawer and send their unwanted phone to Forgotten Mobile. It is quick, easy and free and every unwanted phone that is sent results in a donation for BHT.

Jo Berry, BHT Fundraising Co-ordinator

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