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Nikki Celebrates 30 Years at BHT

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BHT’s Nikki Homewood is celebrating 30 fantastic years at BHT this week.

Nikki started work at BHT in July 1987. Originally a worker at BHT’s First Base Day Centre, she became the Centre’s Manager in the early 1990’s. Nikki then went on to become a Senior Manager for BHT in 2003, with her most recent role being BHT’s Director of Advice and Support Services.

Nikki is responsible for almost four fifths of BHT’s staff, and for about two thirds of BHT’s turnover. In the last few years performance in the areas for which Nikki is responsible has reached new heights. There are some leaders who expect and demand compliance; Nikki inspires and motivates her colleagues.

Nikki has the skills and attributes to lead an organisation of her own, and even though I have drawn her attention to such opportunities, I have always been delighted that her heart remains with BHT. As the person I have worked with for the longest period of time, I am grateful for her honesty, insight, passion, enthusiasm, professionalism, dedication, and support.   Here’s to our next thirty years, Nikki!

Andy Winter, Chief Executive of BHT

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