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Pride 2013 a Brilliant Success for BHT LGBTU Group

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The BHT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Unsure (LGBTU) group flew the rainbow flag with pride from an open top bus during the Pride parade on Saturday.

The group’s theme for the parade was the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) and lots of GLF banners, flowers and 70s costumes decorated the bus to celebrate just how far LGBTU issues had moved on since the GLF was first founded in the early 70s.

The theme was honoured by a visit from Peter Thatchell, one of the early founders of the movement who came along to wish everyone a happy pride and an enjoyable day.

I’m delighted with how the float looked and how the group pulled together as a team to get the float at this year’s Pride.

The float was bursting with clients, staff, Gay Liberation Front founder members and partners, family and friends. Everyone pitched in to help.

This was the first time BHT has put a float on a Pride and I certainly hope it won’t be the last!

Rose Hall, Peer Coordinator

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