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Sponsorship Opportunity for Local Businesses

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BHT are inviting local businesses to sponsor our team of runners in two popular Brighton events and receive an attractive promotion package for as little as £75.

We have a team of 20 clients, staff and supporters running the Brighton Half Marathon in February 2014, and a smaller team running the Brighton Marathon in April 2014.

BHT are offering three sponsorship packages to suit all budgets, providing a range of different advertising options.

Bronze sponsorship will cost £75 and will ensure the sponsoring company’s logo will be displayed on our website and social media and information about the company shared with our supporters.

Silver sponsorship will cost £175 and will include the Bronze package with the additional advantage of a company logo on each runners t-shirt.

Gold sponsorship will cost £275 and will entitle companies to the silver package plus their company logo featured on the large Team BHT banner, which will be displayed in a prominent public facing position along the route of both races.

Businesses interested in sponsoring BHT should contact Liz Davies on 01273 645464 by Friday, 17 January 2014.

Liz DaviesIn a competitive world more and more consumers are looking for ethically minded companies that they feel they can trust. Sponsoring our team is an excellent, low-cost way to promote your business while enhancing your corporate image.

Last year over 10,000 people entered the Brighton Half Marathon, and 12,000 joined in the Brighton Marathon, with up to 17,000 more spectating.

Because these two events attract so many people, they are the perfect opportunity for businesses to promote themselves while supporting a local charity.

Liz Davies, BHT Fundraising Officer

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