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Spring Lighthouse Newsletter Out Now

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The spring newsletter for BHT’s Housing Services, ‘Lighthouse’ is out now and available in print and screen versions.

The latest issue includes a My BHT story featuring Brighton resident Martyn, tips for carers, results for the Tenants’ Survey, a Gardening volunteer opportunity, Green Inspectors and an opportunity to apply to be a Tenant Representative on the BHT’s Board of Trustees.

Three tenants contributed their ideas and feedback to help shape and improve the newsletter, with one tenant contributing an article. As a result we decided to expand the newsletter to eight pages and to change the format.

Why not also get involved in our ‘BHT in Bloom’ gardening competition? You can pick up an entry form and some free seeds at your local BHT office in Brighton, Eastbourne or Hastings.

Click here to read or download the Spring issue of BHT’s Lighthouse newsletter

Would you like to join the tenants’ editorial panel or contribute articles, artwork or photos?

You can also let us know what you think about the new style together with any ideas you have about future content:

Click here to contact Juliet via email


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