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Supporters Prepare for Brighton Legal Aid Walk

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Staff at BHT’s Brighton Legal Advice Centre will be joining the Brighton Legal Aid Walk to raise money for legal aid services in Sussex.

Judges from the Brighton County Court will be leading hundreds of lawyers, law school students, law firms and chambers, members of the judiciary the advice sector and the general public on the 10k walk along the coast.

The walk, organised by the London Legal Support Trust, will take participants across the Sussex Coast to Ovingdean and back to Brighton.

Everyone is welcome to join the walk on 16 June, with participants leaving from the Brighton Magistrates Court at 5pm.

Please contact Liz Davies on 01273 645425 or via email to register your place or for more information.

Click here to sponsor BHT’s team of walkers

The Brighton Legal Aid Walk is an annual event aimed at raising awareness that there is free, independent advice available in the city provided by a number of excellent advice agencies.

It has another purpose, and that is to raise much needed funds for these organisations.

Over the last year we have seen changes in legal aid. A number of areas where we used to provide advice and representation are no longer funded, and those areas where we are funded have seen a reduction in the amounts we receive.

I would urge everyone who believes in access to advice and representation to make a donation to one of these three organisations. Better still, why not get a team together or come along on your own. The company is good, the scenery is great, and the cause second to none.

Andy Winter, BHT Chief Executive

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