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Table Tennis Sessions Now Available for All at BHT

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table-tennis_W300The Brighton Table Tennis Club was successful in winning a grant of £4k from the Sussex Community Foundation, to set up regular Table Tennis outreach sessions to clients and tenants of BHT.

The plan is to have table tennis tables at three sites across BHT, supported by weekly coaching sessions.

We will be operating this project right at the heart of a vulnerable community.

Our aim will be to encourage positive relationships, improve physical health, self-confidence and self-esteem, encouraging people to learn a new skill or learn more about a previously acquired skill.

Tim Holtam, Director of the Brighton Table Tennis Club

We are extremely grateful for the support from the Brighton Table Tennis Club.

We are always looking to increase tenant and client and tenant involvement activities.

Clients and tenants being professionally coached will be fantastic.

Client and tenant involvement is central to BHT’s ethos. Benefits to individuals include raising self-esteem and confidence, learning new skills, increasing participation in the wider community, making friends and reducing social isolation.

Juliet O’Brien, Client and Tenant Involvement Coordinator at BHT

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