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Received a #takes5mins Message on Facebook?

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Congratulations. You are five minutes away from preventing someone from becoming homeless.

This week we are promoting our court duty service, a service providing free, emergency, legal advice at the courts when someone faces eviction and may lose their home.

People get to this point for many reasons such as redundancy or ill health which have lead to them falling into arrears with their rent or mortgage payments. In many cases the court proceedings can end in homelessness.

We have a 91% success rate for preventing homelessness through our court duty service but people in Hastings, Eastbourne and Lewes are not attending their hearings and are not using the free service we provide.

We cannot guarantee that we can save someone’s home but our success rate is high. It is always better to attend the hearing and seek advice.

The court hearings are usually short taking just five minutes – which is where the #takes5mins campaign was born.

Please help us to spread our message. Free, emergency advice is available to everyone at the court and can prevent homelessness.

Please update your status on Facebook with the following text:

It takes me five mins to (insert what it takes you five minutes to do) what does it take you five mins to do? (insert three names to nominate here) #takes5mins

It takes me 5 mins to boil an egg, what does it take you 5 mins to do? Andy Winter, Liz Davies, Jo Berry. #take5mins

Here are a few ideas for things that take five minutes to get you started:

  • It takes five minutes for a sous chef to plate up an amazing meal
  • It takes five minutes for an x factor contestant to change Simon Cowells mind
  • It takes five minutes for a ballet dancer to practice 200 plie
  • It takes five minutes for a car mechanic to charge you half your pay packet
  • It takes five minutes to convince your child that pulling on mummy’s hair is not fun for mummy
  • It takes five minutes for you to lose your chips to seagulls on Brighton beach
  • It takes five minutes to find your car keys that were in your hand all along
  • It takes five minutes to find a fork when all you need is a knife

It’s time to get creative. What does it take you five minutes to do? Don’t forget to nominate three people.

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