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Thank You from First Base

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First BaseFirst Base Day Centre would like to thank everyone who has made a donation in response to our ‘warm winter clothes appeal’ via the Amazon wish list.

In just one week the day center has received:

  • 30 pairs of boxers
  • 42 pairs of thermal socks
  • 6 thermal hats
  • 5 long sleeve thermal t shirts
  • 5 pairs thermal gloves
  • 3 pairs thermal long johns
  • 3 waterproof jackets
  • 1 fleece

The response has been brilliant, thank you.

If you would like to make a donation of warm winter clothes then please click here

Simon HughesWe’d like to thank all of supporters who have been very generous in donating the clothes we need for people sleeping rough. As well as the amazing amount of donations we have received through our Amazon Wish List many people have been generous enough to bring items to First Base. It may feel like spring is here but it is still cold. Our supporters’ generosity will make a huge difference for people who have are sleeping rough.

Simon Hughes, First Base Day Centre Manager

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