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The Recovery Project Thanks James

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James DanksBHT Staff and residents have held a thank you event for James Danks who has raised over £800 for the Recovery project.

James ran both the Brighton Half and full marathons this year to raise the money; dedicating a huge amount of his time and energy to the challenges.

We are really grateful for the money that James has raised for the service; it will make a huge difference.

We will use the money to arrange some outdoor activities for our residents but exactly what those activities will be is up to the residents themselves.

We are looking forward to hearing their ideas and will enjoy using the money to make them happen.

Brian Sudway, BHT Recovery Project Manager

Liz DaviesJames has been so committed to raising money for BHT and we can’t thank him enough.

The money that he and other fundraisers like him have raised, helps us to work with more people and move them forward from homelessness towards more positive futures.

Liz Davies, BHT Fundraising Officer

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