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The Tenancy Centre – A New Model for Housing Management and Maintenance

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An innovative housing management and maintenance company, the Tenancy Centre, has opened its doors in Eastbourne.

The Tenancy Centre is part of BHT Enterprises Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sussex Housing Charity BHT Sussex. It offers a new model of housing management and tenant services in the social housing and private rented sectors. Key to the concept is the opportunity for landlords, tenants and support services to work together to create successful tenancies.

The Tenancy Centre was formally opened by Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd and Eastbourne Mayor, Cllr Carolyn Heaps.

The Mayor said that she was delighted that Eastbourne had been chosen for the Tenancy Centre, and welcomed the six new jobs created in the town.

The Tenancy Centre can be contacted on 01323 340018

There can often be an adversarial relationship between landlords and tenants. This serves neither party well. We want landlords and tenants to work together to create successful tenancies. Their agendas are very similar. A landlord wants a tenant who will pay the rent, reports repairs when they are needed, and causes no disturbance to their neighbours. Tenants want to pay a reasonable rent, have repairs done when they are needed, and don’t want to be disturbed by their neighbours.

The Tenancy Centre will achieve this. From the beginning of April we will be providing our service to a wide range of landlords in Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne, Hastings and St Leonards, as well as Polegate, Heathfield, Hailsham and Willingdon. We will be providing a service to 265 tenants in privately leased properties from the beginning of April, and 293 tenants of social landlords. This number is set to increase during 2012.

Phil Oakley, BHT Enterprises Manager for Private Rented Initiatives

The approach the Tenancy Centre will take is a combination of innovation and good practice. We see this as a housing and management solution for challenging problems. Landlords and tenants tell us that hidden charges by high street agencies is a frustration that is masked by the headline management charge and weekly rent.

The Tenancy Centre provides excellent very good value for money and allows landlords and tenants to plan their finances with greater certainty. Because of the experience and expertise of staff of the Tenancy Centre, they are able to provide a responsive, quality service to both landlords and tenants.

John Holmström, BHT Assistant Chief Executive

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