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Threshold Choir Perform at International Women’s Day Event

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BHT celebrated International Women’s Day on the 9 March with other women’s charities in the City.

BHT’s Threshold and Mental Health and Well-Being Services held a stall at the Brighton Dome providing information about their services, offered a free crèche for parents who were involved in the many activities throughout the day.

The Threshold choir also sang during the day; a performance that was so popular that they were asked to come back later on in the day to sing again.

A range of events were held including women only cultural events and discussions followed by a programme of music, drama, workshops, discussions, dance and exhibitions.

Caroline Lucas MP opened the event and was also on the panel during a discussion on a variety of women’s issues including the ‘No More Page Three Campaign’ which she has famously supported.

I really enjoyed the whole day and once I had stood on stage and performed once I wanted to do it again. We were given a second chance later in the day and it felt fantastic. It did so much for my self-esteem and confidence and I can’t wait to do it again.

Threshold choir participant

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