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Tim Wins Person of Courage Award

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Tim O’Sullivan from Finding Futures has won a person of courage award at the Hastings Achievers Awards ceremony last week.

Four years ago Tim was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was very unwell.  He spent a long time in hospital and his family feared he wouldn’t survive.

Since then Tim has been on a journey of stress, sorrow and pain fighting his illness.

He spent the next three years on his own dealing with his health issues, living in constant pain. He lost his confidence and found it difficult to leave the house.  

He knew he had to fight his fears and isolation and found the strength to start attending Finding Futures.

For pain relief he started teaching himself art. Tim says he finds art a distraction from his pain.

He looks forward to coming to Finding Futures to be with people again and has become a quietly confident person – a huge difference from the shaking, scared, shy person who first arrived at the Finding Futures doors just six months ago.

Tim is so inspirational and has such strength.  He has rebuilt his life with sheer determination and is now achieving qualifications.

He has recently become a Finding Futures Ambassador, a role that he has taken on so that he can help other people to find hope and strength in times of desperation.

Well done Tim!

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