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World Mental Health Day and World Homeless Day

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To mark the two awareness days we will be running a campaign – Judge Less, Listen More.

Today we hope to encourage people to Judge Less and Listen More about mental health and homelessness.

Follow Andy Winter’s blog today and hear regular updates from BHT clients as they share their stories of mental illness and homelessness.

BHT Chief Executive Andy Winter, an avid writer and blogger, has handed over his blog space for the day, providing a platform for BHT clients to talk honestly, openly and sometimes brutally about their experiences of mental health and homelessness.

A variety of accounts shared through a mix of written and video blogs, will be published today to encourage people to see the people behind mental illness and homelessness, to judge less and listen more.

Click here to follow Andy Winter’s blog and follow the campaign

Andy WinterHanding over my blog space today is a good way for us to elevate our client’s voices and ensure their messages are heard.

We hope that the use of my blog will provide clients with a platform to share some incredibly honest and thought provoking stories.

We want people to hear some very real insights into the people behind homelessness and mental illness and try to tackle people’s misconceptions.

Andy Winter, BHT Chief Executive

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