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Trevor’s Move Forward to Employment

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Trevor was homeless for three years. This week he thanked BHT’s Eastbourne Housing Access Project (EHAP) for helping him to build his confidence enough to secure paid employment and move forward with his life.

Trevor Moule lost his job due to severe depression and soon found himself homeless and living on the streets.

He accessed EHAP at a point where he just didn’t know where to turn for help.

Trevor starts his new job in the next few weeks and is looking forward to the new challenge in his life.

The EHAP team where supportive and understanding from the very start. They worked with me to build my confidence which was at an all time low and helped me to believe in myself again.

After some time I was offered a role as a peer support volunteer which required me to support other people in a similar position to me.

I really enjoyed being able to use my experiences of homelessness to help other people  and to help them to move forward with their lives.

The role also gave me the opportunity to go on training courses and start to learn new skills for the first time since becoming homeless.

The experience and skills I’ve learnt in the ten months since I became a volunteer have not only improved my self esteem and belief in myself but have also led to the offer of full-time employment as a Trainee Floating Support Assistant.

I can’t thank EHAP enough for the help they have given me and I would recommend the service to anyone.

Trevor Moule


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