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Vicar’s Relief Funding Boost Awarded to BHT

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BHT has been awarded £7,000 to support homeless and insecurely housed men and women in Brighton and Hove.

The Vicar’s Relief Fund will enable vulnerable people in the city to buy essential items that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

For more information please contact Bernadette Lynch on 01273 645447

We are so grateful to the Vicar’s Relief Fund for their continued support. The funding we received from them last year alone allowed us to help 42 people in the city.

The money helps in a variety of ways from providing new clothes for people who had been rough sleeping to household equipment for people who are in difficult situations and for those moving out of hostel accommodation and moving on with their lives.

Bernadette Lynch, BHT Accommodation for Work Manager

I spent the money on kitchen items so that I can cook for myself. I bought a steamer, cutlery, pots and pans, a wok, crockery and an oven tray set. I am very grateful to the Vicar’s Relief Fund for my new found independence. I cannot emphasise the difference that it has made to my life.

Mr Curtis, a beneficiary of the Vicar’s Relief Fund

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