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Welcome to the new Choice news feed: a space for homeless service staff, volunteers and clients to celebrate successes in their work; and share challenges, information and updates about provision and engagement.

We want staff and volunteers from different projects to feel connected and empowered to share and learn from each other; to develop ideas and new approaches for inspiring and empowering clients to engage in work and learning activity.

We would like your feedback and contributions, so please feel free to share any good news stories, challenges and developments, info, updates, photos, comments and suggestions.

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Contact Anna Muten by emailing or by calling her on 07824 301160

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Learning at Work & Mental Health Awareness Week at BHT

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An invitation was sent out this morning, which is extended to all staff and volunteer colleagues (including those in client/tenant involvement roles) of homeless support services in Brighton and Hove.

To mark next week’s Learning at Work Week and Mental Health Awareness Week, you are invited to take your pick from a selection of FREE short, fun, relaxing and insightful taster learning sessions, talks and discussions at BHT London Road on Tuesday 15, Wednesday 16 May and Thursday 17 May.

Take a break, relax, have fun, stimulate your learning senses and take the next step in creating and achieving your personal and/or professional development goals.

See details here of options for you to choose from.

You can choose as many / little as you’d like to or are able to attend, although spaces are limited, so please do reserve your place as soon as possible – by Monday 14th May at the latest.

Email Anna Muten at to or call on 07824 301160 / 01273 645450 for more details and to reserve places on session/s you’d like to attend and she’ll send you any relevant details you’ll need to know to participate.

Hope to see you next week – it’s all about inspiring learning!


More FREE Staff Training

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Engaging Clients in Learning and Work Opportunities

Wednesday 11 April 2018 from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Take a space away from your usual work situation in an inspiring learning environment.

Explore and learn about information, advice and guidance to empower you and your clients to access and engage in a wide variety of learning, work and well-being related activities.

Experience a visit to the Bridge Community Education Centre in Moulescoomb, where numerous people at all levels of learning needs have found welcome and acceptance, realised personal value and potential and gained news skills and confidence to develop their future life and work prospects.

Click here for more details of the content of the course.

To register for this training

Please contact Anna Muten at or by calling 01273 645450.

I enjoyed this session, and always appreciate Anna’s positivity, elastic thinking and the way she can reframe. Even when I don’t agree with something, it’s refreshing to have your thinking and attitudes challenged.

Michael Cowling, Support Worker, Glenwood Lodge Project


FREE Staff Training

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Staff from seven homeless support projects across the city attended the ‘Engaging Clients in Work ­­and Learning’ training on Thursday 8 February at the Friends Centre in Brighton.­­­­

The day session covered a range of practical areas to inform, overcome challenges and facilitate clients to access and engage in a wide choice of activities and service provision in the local community.

It included addressing concerns around PIE and work and learning; digital, numeracy and literacy life skills for work and independent living; inspiring work and learning aspiration, working and benefits/rent affordability.

The next training for ‘Engaging Clients in Work and Learning’ is coming soon.

Contact Anna at for more details.


Digital Brighton and Hove

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Guest David Scurr introduced himself and explained about the work of Digital Brighton and Hove Partnership.

He highlighted three key areas of focus:

  1. The Digital Brighton and Hove sign-posting website, which comprises listings and a search tool to find all free internet access points and digital facilities across the city, as well as digital support services such as those to help people learn how to use their your digital devices, get online, complete forms and access IT training.
  2. The Digital Champions Network, run by Digital Unite. This offers people across the city an online learning and support facility to become confident using the internet for a variety of purposes so that they can be able to support others to do the same. All Digital Brighton and Hove volunteers are trained using this programme.
  3. Digital Strategy assessments are also on offer to organisations who wish to consider how digitally adept and accessible their practices are for both staff and clients to make the most of online services.

A Digital Champion staff member from Digital Brighton and Hove ran an activity as part of the Engaging Clients in Work and Learning staff and volunteer training on 8 February at Friends Centre: it was a well-received opportunity to become more familiar with digital support services and facilities in Brighton and Hove.

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