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Lighthouse magazineInformational leafletsTenancy Handbook

Lighthouse magazine

In this issue we have articles celebrating the winners of the BHT in Bloom gardening competition, highlighting Fire Safety tips for tenants, providing information about My Home contents insurance now available to tenants, introducing our new intern, an article on mushrooms and foraging; as well as regular features such as My BHT Story, how well Housing Services are performing and Benefits Corner news.

Click here or to your right to download BHT’s Housing Newsletter, ‘Lighthouse’ issue 11:

Issue ten – September 2017Issue nine – June 2017Issue eight – March 2017Issue seven – December 2016Issue six – September 2016Issue five – June 2016Issue four – March 2016Issue three – December 2015Issue two – September 2015Issue one – July 2015

Informational leaflets

Find out more about anti-social behaviour, complaints, condensation and mould growth, involvement and communication, lettable standards, moving on for either PRS and general needs tenants, rent and rent arrears and repairs.

Click on the leaflets below to download the full set, or the buttons below to download them individually:

Anti-social behaviourComplaintsCondensation and mould growthInvolvement and communicationLettable standardsMoving on for general needs tenantsMoving on for PRS tenantsRent and rent arrearsRepairs

BHT Housing Services Tenancy Handbook

About BHT, Your Tenancy Agreement, Moving In, Living in Your Home, Moving Home, Paying Your Rent, Welfare Benefits, Tenant Involvement, Moving Out, Complaints & Compensation and Useful Contacts.

Click here or to your right to download the BHT Housing Services Tenancy Handbook

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