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Intern and Mentor Enquiries

Interns Enquiries

The BHT Intern Programme is a training programme with a significant six-month work placement attached to it.

We have a range of Intern opportunities in our services in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings.

If you are looking for opportunities to gain work place skills and experience then the Intern Programme could be for you! The programme will provide you with a work placement, training and support from your own dedicated Mentor.

The training focuses on key employability skills and provides you with opportunities to learn and develop the types of skills that employers look for when recruiting new staff.

Click here if you’re interested in becoming an intern

We will then arrange to meet with you to tell you more about the programme and answer any questions you might have and help you decide if the programme is right for you.

Mentors Enquiries

If you are a BHT member of staff and you are interested in becoming an Intern Mentor you should in the first instance speak with your line manager.

Mentoring will be of interest to staff members who are focused on their own career development and  looking for opportunities to show that they are able to manage staff. It will also be of interest to staff who wish to assist others to increase their employability by helping them to gain skills and experience.

You can find out more about the programme on this website, feel free to browse around, or by contacting the Intern Coordinator.

Click here if you’re interested in becoming a mentor.

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