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BHT Chosen as Brighton Partner for People of the Streets

BHT is thrilled to announce its partnership with an exciting new social enterprise, People of the Streets, a not-for-profit dedicated to helping tackle homelessness.

The social enterprise was set up by a group of Nottingham students who were dismayed by the number of people sleeping rough on the streets of Nottingham. On exploring the issue further they identified five other cities where homelessness is a major problem; Manchester, Cardiff, Brighton, Bristol and London.

People of the Streets

People of the Streets have created an online store where the public can purchase everyday essentials such as toiletries, backpacks and warm clothes for people who need them most.

Once the products have been purchased, they will be sent to their partner agencies who will distribute them to local people who are sleeping rough.

They also plan to run, in collaboration with partners, vocational skills workshops to help get people back into employment.

All revenue generated will go back into the organisation, enabling them to scale up the project and help even more people on the streets.

Please click here to show support for People of the Street’s work

We are excited to be part of this fantastic new initiative, led by a group of students who want to make a difference. People of the Streets have taken the time to speak to us about what people who are sleeping on the streets really need and to understand the issues homeless people face.

Jo Berry, BHT Head of Fundraising

We’re thrilled to start our partnership with BHT. Together I’m sure we can have the largest impact on the lives of our less fortunate fellow citizens and expand the understanding of homelessness to the general public.

Megan from People of the Streets


BHT Hastings Advice completes Mentor Training.

In preparation for their new Intern Roles three members of Hastings Advice and Community Hub took part in the Mentor Training.

Joanna Wilson, Clive Gross and Vanessa Stock have volunteered to be the assigned mentors for the new roles soon to be introduced at the HUB.


Mid-Way Review Completed for Phase One Intern

Today I visited BHT’s Phase One Hostel to have a Mid-Way review meeting with Receptionist Intern Diane Forest and her Mentor Tracey Chandler.

The main aims of the mid-way placement review are to:

  1. Support Interns to gain the most from the placement by providing a formal opportunity to look at personal and professional development, training needs and future goals.
  2. Enable Interns to focus on their strengths and areas for development as highlighted by the programmes core competencies assessment, which will assist Interns in deciding on those areas they wish to develop further.
  3. Review achievements during the first half of the placement.
  4. Plan and set personal and professional development goals for the second half of the placement.
  5. Begin the process of preparing for the end of the placement.

Diane has made a great impression during the first half of her placement and is looking forward to taking on some more responsibility and focusing on her professional development.


Two Interns Begin Six Month Placements in BHT Projects

This week has seen Interns Alasdair Tenquist and David Tongs begin their placements in BHT’s Response Services and Eastbourne Advice Centre, respectively.

Alasdair takes on the role of Intern Internet Advisor and David the role of Advice Administrator Intern.

The Intern programme wishes both Alasdair and David all the best for their placements.


Intern Programme Attends Brighton Work and Learning Working Group

Today the Intern Programme attended the Work and Learning Working Group which is made up of service providers and is part of the Brighton & Hove Single Homeless Integrated Support Pathway.

The working group brings together service providers to share good practice and build on partnership working in order to increase the opportunities of our clients to access work and learning.


Intern Programme Attends Business Action on Homelessness (BAOH) Review Day

The Intern Programme provided a stall with information relating to the programme, including criteria, placements and application processes to clients who had completed their BOAH work placements.

The BAOH programme helps prepare people affected by homelessness for the world of work through half-day taster workshops and pre-placement training, followed by a minimum of two weeks’ work placement.

Click here to visit the BAOH website

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