Threshold Women’s Services

Threshold provides specialist support for women who are struggling with the impact of trauma on their life.

Currently we are able to work with all women living in BHT Sussex services, as well as those in other selected services in Brighton.

We work with women whose traumatic experiences may have left them with residual issues, including substance use, isolation, anxiety, flashbacks, and nightmares. We aim to meet the needs of women who may be deemed too unwell or ‘too chaotic’ to be offered support or therapeutic input from statutory, and non- statutory services, but also not necessarily in crisis.

How it works

Once referred to us, clients meet with our Specialist Workers for three assessment sessions to discuss how they can best be supported.

Options include individual support for up to six sessions for an agreed purpose, and access to groups which can help women develop self-esteem and self-care strategies. More details can be found in the leaflets below.

Find out more

Make a Referral

Your support worker can fill in a referral form and email it to Babi or Lara using the emails below. Any questions about the referral can be directed to Babi via email or the phone numbers shown.

07824 123286 or 07919 080604


Not all BHT’s mental health services are residential. The Threshold Women’s Counselling Service provides a lifeline to many women. This is the account of one of them.

“I found out about the service through Survivors’ Network. I was in a distressed state due to recent abuse and decided to go to Threshold because I wanted some more help and support. When I initially came to the Drop In I was very distressed. Staff were concerned about me because of the state that I was in, but I felt very comfortable talking to the Drop In workers.

“Before going to the service I was scared to go out, so the first few times I came I had to have someone to support me to get there. I then started using the bus to get there by myself and it was Threshold who gave me the confidence to go outside. I started looking forward to the days that the Drop In ran.

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