Be OK: Youth Mental Health

Be OK is a free mental health service for people aged 16 to 25. We provide confidential support which promotes independence and helps to build resilience.

We can offer you support if you are aged 16 to 25, living in Crawley, Horsham or Mid Sussex and are:

  • Worried about your mental health and need advice or information
  • Have a mental health diagnosis and need help learning to cope
  • At college or university and struggling with your mental health
  • Moving from Children and Young People mental health services to adult services
  • We can help you to get ahead in life by learning to cope with your mental health, learning new skills and gaining confidence.

We offer a range of support such as:

  • One to one support from one of our Recovery Workers to help you achieve your goals
  • Groups and activities to learn new skills and meet new people
  • Support to move into work, volunteering or education
  • Support from Peer Mentors who have personal experience of living with mental health problems

This service is part of the Pathfinder project. Find out more about Pathfinder West Sussex. 


Getting help from our service

If you feel that our service could be of help then we encourage you to get in touch with us by completing the Contact Information Form below and emailing it to

Contact Details


Telephone: 01293 534782

Mid Sussex

Telephone: 01444 416391

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