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Rough Sleepers’ Support Service

BHT’s Rough Sleepers’ Support Service supports people with histories of homelessness into independence, breaking the cycle of homelessness by giving people support to establish life skills and get into meaningful occupation before they move on.

People should be committed to working towards moving on towards independence, engaging with the support provided and meaningfully occupying their time. This service is for a maximum of two years.

How to apply

Individuals wishing to access this accommodation must be currently residing in Band Two supported accommodation and must be referred to us by the Brighton and Hove City Council Band Three Coordinator.

Clients must need supported housing, be willing to engage with and accept support and be able to manage independent living with support.

Real Life Story

C came back to the UK from the Canary Islands aged 83 and partially sighted to be near her family, after having sold her house to pay for medical bills when her son became ill and had no insurance.

Any money she had left was then stolen by her grandson, who was addicted to heroin, and had gained access to her bank account.

This left her with no money and she was not allowed to claim benefits initially because she had none of the necessary proofs, particularly where the money from the sale of her house had gone. She ended up sofa-surfing and sometimes sleeping on a camp bed at her sister’s. The Council found her a privately rented flat but hadn’t realised there were issues regarding her access to benefits.

We worked with her to prove that she had not spent or hidden the money herself and made the case to Housing Benefit and the Pensions Service so that she could eventually get her rent paid and have money to live on. We also kept the landlord informed about what was happening and arranged for the rent to be paid directly to the landlord when she got it. She is still waiting to hear about a grant for some furniture, but has been given essential items by members of her family.

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