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Women’s Involvement Network

WIN (Women’s Involvement Network)

A women only programme in the community.

WIN offers initial one-to-one support, the opportunity to meet other like-minded women, share experiences, enjoy social and creative activities and improve confidence and self esteem in order to take the next step forward with their lives.

WIN will help you by:
  • giving you one-to-one and small group support
  • building your confidence in ways that suite you
  • helping you meet new people and make new friends
  • helping you learn new skills from other members of the network e.g. hobby sharing
  • helping you develop the skills you already have
  • helping you set and reach goals and targets
  • helping you find learning and qualification opportunities
  • helping you write a CV
  • helping you find employment
How to apply

Contact us directly using the details below.

Contact details

Please call 01424 718984

Or you can email BHT’s Women’s Involvement Network project

Case study

Hi my name is Roxanne Blood. Before Finding Futures I did not have anything to do. My maths was very bad and needed improving a lot.

I was hitting barriers everyday due to how bad my math skills were with my confidence at an all time low.

I was Entry 2 Maths below GCSE.

I found out about Finding Futures through my support worker.

Joining Finding Futures was a big step for me. I did not know what to expect at first but everyone was understanding and nice. It took some time but eventually it stopped being difficult and became part of my weekly routine.

I work at my own speed with a teacher and a helper here if I need help.

Since being here my maths and confidence has improved greatly and I am currently learning on a GCSE level 1 maths.

Now I find I am doing most of my maths in my head then on paper.

I am catching myself thinking “how did I just do that?” due to how fast I work it out.

I still have a long way to go therefore I continue to go so I can keep getting better at maths.

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