Intern Programme

The BHT Intern Programme is an employability training programme with a significant six-month work placement attached to it.

We have a range of Intern opportunities in our services in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings, as well as placements within a number of local organisations.

If you are looking for opportunities to gain work place skills and experience then the Intern Programme could be for you! The programme will provide you with a work placement, training and support from your own dedicated Mentor.

The training focuses on key employability skills and provides you with opportunities to learn and develop the types of skills that employers look for when recruiting new staff.

What Placements do we provide?

Placements last between three and six months. Interns begin working two days a week and have the option to increase this commitment as the placement progresses.

We provide work experience in the following areas:

Advice and guidance
Building management
Care work
Computer work

Fundraising and Publicity
General Office Work
Human Resources
Mental Health

Substance misuse
Training Others
Websites, magazines, e-zines
Women’s services
Young people

What will I get out of the programme?

  • Access to first class training
  • A trained mentor to guide you
  • Travel expenses
  • Your own personal development plan
  • Employability skills
  • Six months of work experience
  • Help with CV’s, Applications, Interviews
  • References and training certificates
  • Help in finding work

The Intern Programme is for people who have not worked for a long time, have not worked before, or have gaps in their employment history or CV.

If you are serious about getting into work and have used BHT’s services or similar support services you could be eligible to join the programme.

How to Apply

Contact us on the details below to take the next step towards employment.

We will then arrange to meet with you to tell you more about the programme and answer any questions you might have and help you decide if the programme is right for you.

Contact Us

Murray Begg -  BHT Intern Coordinator
144 London Road, Brighton. BN1 4PH


For most of us we get our identity and status from what we do. BHT’s Intern Programme was set up to prepare people with a history of homelessness, mental ill health or addictions to make that transition from unemployment into work.

Charlie is a 32 year old white British male. He was born with congenital hand deformities, as well as structural defects which cause lifelong incontinence issues. Charlie was bullied during his school years and began using alcohol and cannabis aged 14. In his early 20’s he found employment as a telesales advisor and an early year’s child practitioner. However, each job didn’t last more than 12 months due to his increasing substance misuse.

Image of young man
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