Combating Homelessness, Creating Opportunities, Promoting Change

Support Us With Your Business

With your help, we can successfully transform the lives of the most vulnerable people in Sussex.

Every year, BHT meets the needs of thousands of people in your local community by providing safe homes, giving legal advice, and providing mental health support. Most importantly, we help people to make lasting positive changes in their lives.

Your support can go a long way to help; for example, every £100 donated to us can pay for a vocational skills course, food and shelter for three nights, or five counselling sessions.

We are committed to supporting local businesses wherever we can, and we’d love to be able to recommend your organisations as a business with a heart.

We have a wide range of opportunities to suit your business. From fun fundraising events for your colleagues to take part in, to low-cost sponsorship deals, get in touch today to find out how you can get involved.


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