The Choir with No Name Volunteer Chef

Job title: Volunteer Chef

Location: Brighton

We’re looking to recruit volunteer chefs with a passion for cooking healthy, vegan/vegetarian food, to cook for a large group of people who have experienced homelessness.

The Choir with No Name (CWNN) runs choirs for people affected by homelessness. In 2018 CWNN partnered with Brighton Housing Trust to launch the newest choir of the family!

We meet every Monday at One Church, Gloucester Place with dinner at the end of rehearsal and perform regularly. Our aim is for our members (and volunteers!) to have fun, build their confidence, improve skills and wellbeing, and make friends.

What do you have to do?

  • Dinner is one of the most important parts of the Choir with No Name experience! You will be one of our regular head chefs
  • You will be supported in this by 2 members of the All- Rounder volunteer team, working as assistant chefs on a rota basis
  • Act as a good example to members (being friendly and open, and upholding CWNN’s and BHT’s values)
  • Provide informal support to choir members
  • Cook a hot, healthy vegan meal for up to 45 people
  • Buy ingredients for that week’s meal, working within a budget (petty cash can be provided up front or you can be reimbursed on the night)
  • Keep an up-to-date stock list of what’s in our food store cupboard
  • Work within hygiene and kitchen health and safety standards (training can be provided)
  • Report any concerns about choir members to staff
  • Contribute to generating a positive atmosphere

And optional stuff for those who are able to:

  • On weeks you’re not on the rota to cook, you are welcome to join and sing in our rehearsals
  • Attending and assisting at gigs (at times and locations other than the regular rehearsal)

We ask that volunteers in this role…

  • Are not phased by the prospect of cooking for up to 45 people
  • Experience of this scale of catering is not necessary, just enthusiasm – though it will help if you are confident with cooking for a vegan/vegetarian diet, and able to cater for special dietary needs!
  • Are willing to commit to cook 2 nights per month – rehearsals are once a week on a Monday evening, from 6.15pm-9.30pm, One Church, Gloucester Place, Brighton
  • Have the ability to get on well with choir members, who often have a range of complex needs
  • Have a calm and non-judgemental attitude
  • Are good team players
  • Ask for support or guidance when they need it, from more experienced volunteers as well as staff
  • Follow health and safety regulations, safeguarding and confidentiality policies (once explained)

Support offered to volunteers

Many choir members experience a range of difficulties in their everyday lives, some of which they may choose to share with volunteers. So, as well as staff being on hand at rehearsals to help you with any questions or concerns, we’ll hold quarterly reflective practice meetings – to share your concerns about members and rehearsals and find solutions to problems alongside your fellow volunteers.

Benefits for Volunteers

Volunteers get direct first-hand understanding of the challenges facing people affected by homelessness and other marginalisation. There is the opportunity to develop skills in delivering frontline line services and learn about how an effective choir runs. All our volunteers share a free meal with choir members at the end of rehearsal, and we can offer travel expenses to those who need them.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Email Choir Manager Alex at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch with more information on how to get started.