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Express – Issue Thirteen

Winter 2013

Newly redesigned in conjunction with the Client Hub group. Taking Client Involvement to a new level within BHT, Three Peaks Challenge, Spotlight on… BHT’s Phase One Project, Support 4 Housing Summer Picnic, Bake 4 BHT: A Tasty Treat, In the Kitchen With Lily

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Express issue12 W1602 PublicationsExpress – Issue Twelve

Summer 2013

Putting the Client back into Client Involvement, BHT’s Client Action Network, Your News, What a Difference a Year Makes, Fundraising for BHT, Support 4 Housing Celebrating 1000 attendances, Focus on Peer 2 Peer’ Less Stress, More Joy, Your Reviews, Your Experiences, Your Creativity

Express issue11 pdf W160 PublicationsExpress – Issue Eleven

Winter 2012

Sackville Gardens Celebrates 20 Years, The BHT Client Hub is Launched, BHT News & Comment, Demand for BHT is Greater than Ever, Latest Fundraising News, Spotlight on Support 4 Housing, BHT Thanks their Volunteers, Finding Futures Ambassadors, Your Articles, Poems & Artwork

Express issue10 pdf W1601 PublicationsExpress – Issue Ten

Summer 2012

BHT News, New BHT Projects, Latest Fundraising News, Spotlight on BHT’s Intern Programme, Latest News from the LGBTU Group, The BHT Client Hub, Fitness4All Roundup, The Mystery of the Recovery Project Gnome, Your Articles, Poems & Artwork

Express issue09 W1601 PublicationsExpress – Issue Nine

Winter 2011

BHT News & Funding, World Mental Health Day Service Relaunch, BHT’s Intern Programme, Spotlight on Private Rented Sector Solutions, Interview with a Chief Executive, Client Involvement Updates, UKRF Recovery Walk, Involvement in Staff Recruitment, Your Articles, Poems & Artwork

Express issue08 W1601 PublicationsExpress – Issue Eight

Summer 2011

BHT News, Opinion & Funding, Save Legal Aid Campaign, BHT Design – A New Social Enterprise, Online Access for BHT Clients, Client Involvement Updates, The 7th BHT Client Involvement Event, Spotlight on Accommodation for Work, Your Articles, Poems & Artwork

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Express – Introductory Issue

financialstatements2013 W160 PublicationsBHT Report of the Board and Consolidated Financial Statements 2012-2013

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