Brighton Advice Centre

BHT Sussex’s Brighton Advice Centre provides specialist advice on housing, benefits and immigration related issues. 


Brighton Advice Centre

BHT Sussex’s Brighton Advice Centre provides specialist advice on housing, benefits and immigration related issues. 

Brighton and Hove Advice Centre provides specialist advice on a range of housing, immigration and welfare benefits related issues.

Appointments can be by email or telephone.

Address: 144 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4PH

Telephone: 01273 645455


Our Services in Brighton

Specialist Housing Advice

BHT Sussex Brighton specialist housing advice team are able to provide free and confidential advice to people on possession action, homelessness, suitability of accommodation, tenancy rights, disrepair and allocations policies

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Immigration Legal Service

The Immigration Legal Service (ILS) provides advice and representation, under the Legal Aid scheme, in all areas of asylum and human rights law relating to Article 3 of the ECHR.

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The In Court Duty Scheme

The In Court Duty Scheme provides last-minute emergency advice for people facing eviction who have a court hearing.

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Moneyworks is here to help Brighton & Hove residents save money, make money and manage their money better. The services are for anyone who is struggling to make ends meet.

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BHT Sussex Advice Centre

Address: 144 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4PH

Telephone: 01273 645400


BHT Sussex Case Studies


Last year our advice services in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings prevented 817 households from becoming homeless. The impact of this is huge: fewer people on the streets, less demands on local council homelessness services, or moving children away from the schools and their friends. Some people become homeless, not through any fault of their own.

Mike moved into a Housing Association flat in 1980. A few months later he was offered a job as a caretaker at a nearby social club – a job he did for 36 years until he was made redundant. In 1996 he had moved to another flat owned by the housing association, but unbeknown to him, his employers had taken a sub-lease on the flat. In law, his employer had become his landlord. The social club went into liquidation.

Not only did he lose his job, but he wasn’t given any redundancy pay and he was told to leave his home of 20 years.


Our Court Duty Scheme provides free last-minute advice and court representation for people who are facing eviction, when repossession cases are being heard in Brighton, Lewes or Hastings courts. The courts closed for a period during the Covid-19 pandemic, but when they reopened the scheme resumed.  The Court Duty Scheme helps people like Jacqui, who was facing eviction after falling behind with her mortgage payments. She was in her fifties and she and her husband had always worked and paid their bills, but suddenly everything changed when her husband suffered a life changing head injury. Jacqui had her own business … Read more


The Court Duty Scheme is a little known but incredible service which provides last-minute emergency advice for people who are facing eviction. When repossession cases are being heard in Brighton, Lewes or Hastings Courts, our specialist Housing Advisers can step in to protect people and ensure they know their rights. These clients have usually never sought advice or representation before meeting our advisers that morning. Often alternatives to eviction can be worked out, debt payments can be renegotiated, and people can stay in their homes. This was the case with Sarah, whose story is below.  Sarah is a housing association … Read more


At BHT Sussex we are known for our resilience and ability to persevere, despite significant setbacks. This is demonstrated by our Immigration Legal Service, who helped a young man achieve refugee status after a six-year battle. This is Ishaq’s story. Ishaq grew up in Egypt, where he lived until he was a teenager. Ishaq’s father was arrested and imprisoned because of an association with the Muslim Brotherhood – a banned organisation in Egypt. It did not matter to Egyptian law enforcement whether the association was real or just perceived. The prison he was sent to is infamous for housing political … Read more


After expanding our Immigration Legal Team in recent years, we have been able to assist in more specialist immigration cases that involve domestic violence. Although most immigration cases are complicated, it can be particularly difficult to work through the layers to help someone remain in the UK when someone has experienced domestic violence. A clear example of this is Kosi’s case, who was concerned she wouldn’t be able to remain in the UK if she left her spouse. This is her story. Kosi is originally from Ghana and had been living in the UK for several years with her husband … Read more


For some it comes as a surprise that BHT Sussex runs an immigration and asylum legal service. The overwhelming majority of those we work with are ‘unaccompanied minors’, young people and children arriving in the UK with no adults to look after their welfare.

Baddar came to the UK in 2008 aged 15 fleeing persecution in Afghanistan. His initial asylum claim was refused. We assisted him with a further application to allow him to remain in the UK but this was also refused. After this, there have been numerous appeals with every decision seeming to go against him. We gathered evidence in support of his claim to show that he is particularly vulnerable as he has a learning difficulty and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression.

We gathered country evidence to support the fact that he would be at risk if he returned to Afghanistan.


BHT Sussex is one of the only Legal Aid providers in the South East, making the work of our Immigration Legal Service incredibly important. This service provides advice and representation for many people trying to claim asylum in the UK. As part of this service, we help and represent many minors who have arrived in the UK unaccompanied. This was the case with Iva. This is her story. Iva was kidnapped as a 15-year-old and brought to the UK by traffickers who intended to exploit her. She managed to escape from her trafficker when she arrived in the UK and … Read more


BHT Sussex’s Immigration Legal Service has helped hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers with legal support. Many of those we work with are ‘unaccompanied minors’; young people and children who have often endured unimaginable suffering, and who have no adults to look after their welfare when they arrive in the UK. We provide a crucial service for some of the most vulnerable people in our community, including victims of trafficking and domestic violence. This Is YL’s story. YL was living in Vietnam with her parents when tragically, when she was just 14, they both died within a short time of … Read more

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