Standards of Conduct and Probity

BHT Sussex expects the highest standards of conduct and probity. These standards are reinforced by legislation, BHT Sussex’s ethos, and BHT Sussex’s constitution.

BHT Sussex promotes a culture in which potential and actual conflicts of interest, whether financial or more general, are formally recorded and available for public inspection.

BHT Sussex keeps a list of all Board members, co-optees, and members of the senior management team on the Public Register, together with details of BHT Sussex’s external auditors and key regulators.

Each member of the Board and all senior managers make a formal declaration of their interests which is included in the Public Register. The Board may require a Board member to stand down in the event of a fundamental or ongoing conflict. When a member of the Board resigns or is asked to stand down from the Board, the reasons for their departure should be recorded on the Public Register.

The BHT Sussex Public Register will be made available for public inspection within five working days of a written request being received by the Company Secretary who will ensure that the Register has all sensitive personal information redacted, such as home addresses, bank details, or details of family members.

All Board members and senior managers are required to declare any gifts and hospitality received. The acceptance of gifts and hospitality is governed by strict rules.

BHT Sussex encourages its staff to participate in civic duties including becoming magistrates or standing for elected office. We recognise that there is a potential for conflicts of interest not least in standing for and on election to public office. We have processes in place to minimise and manage any arising conflicts.

Candidates should not use any information or status gained from their employment with BHT Sussex or make any reference to their employment, directly or indirectly, in their election literature, and they should be aware that their conduct as a candidate might reflect positively or negatively on BHT Sussex.

BHT Sussex has policies and procedures that may be activated in the event of an alleged breach of BHT Sussex’s policies and procedures, or where issues of probity might arise. Advice on the most relevant policy and procedure to be used can be obtained from the Chief Executive, Company Secretary or Chair of the Board.

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