Recovery Project

BHT’s Recovery Project aims to support clients to achieve healthy independent living free from alcohol and drugs.

The service provides safe housing and a rehabilitation programme to enable residents to sustain abstinence and rebuild their lives following addiction.

We explore the individual circumstances of each client in order to prevent relapse and prepare clients for the Move On stage of recovery, enabling them to reintegrate further into the community, take part in education, training and work, and lead a healthier life free of alcohol, drugs and crime.

People interested in accessing the Recovery Project are invited to attend our weekly drop-in session, at 10 Ditchling Rise, from 3pm to 4pm every Monday.

How to apply – for drugs clients

If you are still using you will need to have a detox and, if possible, spend some time in BHT’s Detox Support Project.

You should approach the Brighton and Hove gateway service, Pavilions Partnership, at Richmond House, Richmond Road, Brighton, BN2 3RL or telephone Pavilions on 01273 731900 to arrange a comprehensive assessment.

Please tell the worker you speak to that you want to be referred to the Detox Support Project, or, if you are already alcohol and drug free, the Recovery Project.

How to apply – for alcohol clients

Contact Pavilions Partnership at 9 The Drive, Hove, BN3 3JE or phone Pavilions on 01273 680714 to arrange a comprehensive assessment. Please tell the worker you speak to that you want to be referred to the Recovery Project.

Contact Details

01273 684741 | 8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday

Over the last couple of years, BHT’s Addiction Services have noticed an increase in the number of ‘second generation’ addicts.  They were children who grew up with one, or both, parents with a severe alcohol and/or drug problem.  They often suffered extreme neglect and, in most cases, severe trauma.

The nature of the work that we do at both the Detox Support Project and at the Recovery Project is to help clients to address safely the legacy of their core needs being unmet as children.  By doing so, we reduce the chances of those issues becoming triggers for relapse, and they are able to rebuild their lives with the skills and self-belief they were not given as children.

Brendon is a 31-year old alcohol and cocaine addict who recently completed treatment within our Addiction Services.  This is history.