Shore House

Shore House is an innovative and dynamic service which provides accommodation and 24-hour intensive support to 20 people with a range of mental health diagnoses, and those experiencing the effects of complex trauma. This includes those with dual needs, such as mental health with alcohol or substance misuse.

Shore House is part of the Mental Health Accommodation Pathway, jointly commissioned by Brighton and Hove City Council and the Integrated Care Board.

As a specialist high-support mental health service we work closely and effectively with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust adult community mental health services.

The accommodation comprises 20 individual client rooms, some with en-suite facilities, as well as a variety of communal spaces including a large shared kitchen. There is a large garden at the back of the property which is used for a variety of activities by staff and clients.

Our Approach

The service works proactively with people in their mental health recovery and provides personalised and flexible programmes of support to build confidence, resilience, and the skills needed for independent living.

The service applies a harm minimisation approach to substance use and seeks to engage individuals with substance misuse services.

The team provide a flexible range of one-to-one and group support which empowers clients to manage and improve their mental and physical health, and gain the skills and confidence to live more independently within an 18-month timeframe.

Support is provided in a range of areas, including:

  • mental and physical health
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • relationships and communication
  • cooking and nutrition
  • substance use and alcohol use
  • personal safety
  • digital inclusion
  • building positive social networks
  • managing money and debt
  • volunteering, work and learning
  • managing medications

The team use psychologically-informed ways of working to gain a greater understanding of the values and aspirations of each client, and provide support which is empathic, responsive, and flexible to a diverse range of motivation levels, aims, and needs which may include severe and enduring mental health, problematic substance use, self-neglect, low motivation, social inclusion, and life skills.


I feel I’m important and that staff have empathy and I belong.

Client, Shore House

Shore House is a place of safety, supporting clients with immediate care. It is a place where clients can recover with full support and continues to be a service for clients to excellent effect.

Community Psychiatric Nurse, East Assessment and Treatment service

How to refer into the service

All new referrals should be made via Brighton & Hove City Council’s Brokerage Service.

Brokerage can only accept referrals made via a Lead Practitioner / Mental Health Team, and we are unable to accept self-referrals.

If you are not under the care of a Lead Practitioner / Mental Health Team, please liaise with your GP who, where appropriate, can refer you to a mental health assessment team.

For more information and general enquiries, please telephone Shore House on 01273 929392.

BHT Case Studies


Martha was referred to Shore House following an intentional overdose of prescription medication that nearly proved fatal, and which resulted in a hospital admission.

As Martha was too physically unwell to travel, the Shore House manager offered to conduct the initial assessment with her in hospital. Martha was offered a self-contained flat within Shore House and was subsequently discharged from hospital to Shore House with integrated support from an Occupational Therapist.


At BHT Sussex, the approach we take to help our clients is a collaborative one, ensuring they have agency in their own lives. This empowers them to change their lives and gain independent skills for living. The story of one of our Shore House clients, Harry, highlights this approach, which allowed him to recover from an intentional overdose, reconnect with his family and carry out lasting change to his lifestyle. This is his story. Following an intentional overdose of over-the-counter medication that could have proved fatal, which resulted in a hospital admission, Harry was referred to Shore House – one … Read more

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