The latest publication from Housing Services is the Summer 2024 edition of the Lighthouse newsletter, BHT Sussex’s quarterly magazine for tenants.

This edition features updates on the housing services team, and lots of useful information about MyTenancy and the new complaints procedure. There is also a special article written by Ian Fyvie about music and song writing, including some sheet music and lyrics. You are also invited to join the BHT Sussex pride float at this August's Brighton Pride Parade.

As always there is a fantastic crossword by Joe Ashdown and helpful environmental tips from Mary Stevens.

We hope you enjoy the issue.


Find out more about anti-social behaviour, complaints, condensation and mould growth, involvement and communication, lettable standards, moving on for either PRS and general needs tenants, rent and rent arrears and repairs.

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Tenancy Handbook

About BHT Sussex, your tenancy agreement, moving in, living in your home, moving home, paying your rent, welfare benefits, tenant involvement, moving out, complains & compensations and useful contacts.

Tenant and Client Annual Snapshot Survey Report

We are pleased to present the 2022/2023 BHT Sussex Tenant and Client Annual Snapshot Survey Report. Inside are:

  • Results for both client and tenant services question by question,
  • An analysis of these results,
  • Survey return rates service by service
  • Issues arising for each service from their respective survey results
  • Actions each service intends to take to deal with these identified issues
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