The Archway Project is a 24 hour residential service comprising of a five and a nine bed house, for people with mental health support needs in Hove.

Both services have a recovery and person-centred focus, working collaboratively with residents in intensive short term placements. The aim is to enable people to move on to more independent living within two years.

The services are funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Our service focuses on:

  1. Archway residentEnabling people who have a history of being devalued, disempowered or denied opportunities to enjoy a range of activities and experiences.
  2. Empowering people through the development of life skills and goal-focused support planning to enable them to maintain their tenancies and to manage their mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Working collaboratively with clients in a person-centred way to shape and influence the service they receive, and empowering our clients to lead on their own recovery with more self-awareness and confidence.
  4. Working within the Recovery Model, which focuses on the strengths of each individual, and aids clients to become fully integrated members of the community.
  5. Supporting people to find suitable move-on accommodation, which is appropriate to their needs and of their choice.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Adult 18 +
  • Enduring and complex mental health care & support needs with Adult Social Care funding agreed
  • Require 24 hour staffing provision with sleeping nights between 10pm and 9am.
  • Motivation to engage with a recovery focused support plan to enable move on to more independent living

CQC ratingCQC rating

BHT Archway has received an overall CQC rating of ‘Outstanding’.

To read the full reports please follow the links below:

Volunteering opportunities

Archway offers members of the community a range of volunteering opportunities. To find out more please contact Sophie Daly on 01273 748031.

How to refer into the service

All new referrals should be made via Brighton & Hove City Council’s Brokerage Service.

Brokerage can only accept referrals made via a Lead Practitioner / Mental Health Team, and we are unable to accept self-referrals.

If you are not under the care of a Lead Practitioner / Mental Health Team, please liaise with your GP who, where appropriate, can refer you to a mental health assessment team.

Contact Details

01273 748031 or 01273 822103 - for general enquiries and advice on referral routes.


Simon moved into the Archway Project in June 2018, following a 10 year stay at another registered care home.

Before Simon moved to Archway he had lived in a registered care home for 10 years and his referral paperwork suggested someone who had become institutionalised; he did not socialise with other residents, had minimal interaction with staff, ate all of his dinners in his room, and relied on staff to cook for him and do his laundry.

Since moving to Archway Simon has shown a marked change. He is now sitting down to dinner with other residents, joining in with walks, games of croquet, trips to cafés and craft activities.

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