Combating Homelessness, Creating Opportunities, Promoting Change

About BHT

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BHT-Staff-Conference-2015_W700BHT provides essential services across Brighton & Hove, Eastbourne and Hastings, as well as elsewhere in Sussex.

BHT logoOur Mission is ‘combating homelessness, creating opportunities, promoting change’.

We see it as our role to both challenge the causes of homelessness, poverty and marginalisation and to deal with the consequences.

BHT is a people-led organisation. First and foremost are the men and women who access our services.

Our most important assets are our staff. BHT employs over 250 members of staff who bring a rich assortment of skills, expertise and professionalism which is an essential ingredient of turning people’s lives around.

BHT invests in its staff through a comprehensive training programme.

BHT is run by a partnership of senior managers and the Board of Management. The Board sets overall strategic direction for the organisation and approves policies while the Senior Management, led by the Chief Executive, is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation, as well as advising the Board on the future direction of BHT and achieving value for money.

BHT has formal and informal mechanisms for achieving quality assurance which meet the requirements of ISO 9001 (2015) to ensure it meets its quality objectives. BHT’s Quality Manual defines our quality objectives and key procedures which are audited annually. As part of this accreditation a Quality Assurance Statement has been prepared and is available on request.

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