Recovery from mental ill health and moving into independent accommodation can take several years and requires individuals rebuilding many parts of their lives.  This is the account of one client from the Route One Project, another of BHT Sussex’s mental health services.

“Around five years ago my journey began in the Route One Project and from the bottom of my heart l am so thankful to you all for picking me up and dusting me off, ready for the new chapter l am in now. l am taking the skills and tools as l call it in to sustaining independent living in so many aspects. I moved into my council property in March 2018 and what we have achieved in the time in the project has been champion. I say we because that is what it has been – a team effort.

“I have Bipolar One and when l came to Route One l was in a state and l had just moved out of a hostel for homeless people. I am not putting down the great work they do but it was making my illness worse, resulting in me being admitted to hospital.

“This carried on to the first day in Route One, but with the compassion and respect I received, my journey had begun on the true process of recovery. I learnt to gain transparency both ways. My first key worker and his colleague at the house were pure mustard, and a couple of times l feel they pulled me back from serious harm to myself.

“Along this journey l used it to change many aspects in my life for the better. At the beginning one of the main triggers was my ex-partner and lack of seeing my children but with a two way empathy we have found middle ground in respect of the children. We have empathy.

“The weekly support from weekly key meetings helped. I feel my health and your advocacy was in good hands the more l progressed into the project. A positive move for me was when l was ready and got moved into another part of the Route One Project, a property where I had more independence. I jumped milestones whilst at the property. I started to like my old interests like making videos and adding them to my compositions.

“I am now a volunteer for BHT Sussex’s Client Action Network.  I am proud of what I do there, and it is an avenue for the future which l would like to look into.  I also enjoyed activities at Route One with my best being fishing and barbecues.

“I would like to thank each and every one of you.”

JA’s Route One support worker supported him to increase his Homemove Banding from Band C to Band A through the Council interest Queue.

JA’s Support worker supported him to bid every two weeks for accommodation, he was offered a flat in Portslade on the same road he grew up on and was ecstatic about this. JA moved out in March 2018 and is doing really well. He attended BHT Sussex’s 50th birthday event at the i360 and he told us how well his life is going. He is continuing to work on the CAN with Juliet O’Brien. His relationship with his ex-partner is positive and he continues to have a great relationship with his children which is his top priority. His mental health is stable and he is fully engaged with his recovery with the support of the Community Rehabilitation Team.

Note: The life stories shared in these case studies are real. The names and photos have been changed to protect identities.

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