Our Homes for Ukraine Sustainment Service not only supports Ukrainian refugees and their hosts throughout their placements, but we also support Ukrainians who want to move into the private rented sector. The housing system works completely differently in Ukraine, so many people feel lost and confused. One such person is Nadiya, who we helped find her own home after she felt ready to leave her host.

Nadiya is a 40-year-old woman who was living with a host in Sussex after fleeing Ukraine due to the war. Nadiya wanted her children to come and live with her in the UK, as they were staying with their grandparents in Germany. However, her host was unable to accommodate her and her children.

Nadiya had two jobs so her income was high enough that she could afford to move into a privately rented property, but she needed help with how to do this. BHT Sussex stepped in and one of our Floating Support Officers from the Homes for Ukraine Sustainment Service supported Nadiya in seeking a suitable 2 bedroom property.

Nadiya attended a viewing for a property she liked but her application was rejected. However, 2 weeks later, the housing agent called Nadiya and informed her that the property had once again become available, and they would like to offer it to her. We then helped Nadiya complete all the forms she needed to pass referencing. We also acted as her contact with the housing agent to help with the language barrier.

Nadiya successfully passed all the reference checks and was able to move into the 2 bedroom property. This allowed her to reunite with her children who she had not seen in a year. They moved into the new property with Nadiya and have settled in well.

Nadiya plans on improving her English so that she can return to working in healthcare, as she was a nurse in Ukraine for 18 years. She has a more positive outlook on the future and was very grateful for the support BHT Sussex offered her in helping her find a property and reunite with her children.

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