Fulfilling Lives launches the ‘Perspectives Project Discussions on psychological support and complex trauma pre-substance misuse treatment’

Fulfilling Lives South East Partnership, with the kind support of many contributors from a range of contexts, have published ‘The Perspectives Project: Discussions on psychological support and complex trauma pre-substance misuse treatment’. This report aims to support conversation as to how policymakers and service providers can better address the barriers to accessing formal substance misuse treatment faced by people experiencing multiple disadvantage.

The report can be read here, alongside the full interviews, available here as a companion piece to the report.

We hope readers will find connection and challenge in the conversations in this report and that this can contribute to the shape of future services and the ways in which we all work.

To showcase the learning from this report and to provide space for reflection on how future support systems could operate, we are currently planning an online webinar for April 2021. Here, you will get the chance to hear from several of our contributors about understanding the complex relationship between complex trauma, multiple disadvantage, and access to mental health and substance use treatment. There will be opportunity for discussion with our contributors and people with lived experience through break-out sessions and we will be looking for ways to collaborate with partners to trial new ways of working following this.

As details of the webinar are confirmed they will be published here and on Twitter. Follow us to stay up to date with the latest news from Fulfilling Lives.

You can read our companion blog piece, ‘Collaboration between mental health and substance misuse services – what could it look like?’ here.

If you have any questions about the report or the launch please contact our Systems Change Lead, Rebecca Rieley by email: rebecca.rieley@sefulfillinglives.org.uk

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