Learning Events take place in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings

The Fulfilling Lives South East partnership held successful and insightful learning days in each of its project areas of Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings.

The Brighton Learning event took place on 1 March with more than 60 attendees, with the theme of systems change and meaningful involvement. There was good collaboration between the partners and community groups who helped to deliver the day, which included the Mayday Trust, We Are Not Saints musicians, and Friends and Family of Travellers. The feedback from partners showed that people felt very welcomed and as a result they felt more able to engage in debates in workshops and more encouraged to explore new ideas.

The Hastings Learning Event was held in partnership with Cardboard Citizens and was focused on the theme of Hospital Discharge and the impact of poor planning in discharge from Mental Health settings. Clear recommendations emerged from the discussions and follow up work is being done to action these, and to develop an East Sussex health and social care network for people with Multiple and Complex Needs.

The Eastbourne learning event took place on 8 February, and was focused on Temporary Accommodation and the challenges that people with Multiple and Complex Needs have in accessing, sustaining and moving on from it. The diverse group of stakeholders present were able to network with each other, as well as discuss the challenges and solutions their client group face whilst in Temporary Accommodation. The event led to the setting up of a Temporary Accommodation Action Group for East Sussex, and Fulfilling Lives Eastbourne will be facilitating this.

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