Prison Transitions – Set up to fail

Fulfilling Lives are heading a campaign around short prison sentences and the impact that has on both the individual and the system. Over the next four weeks we will be raising awareness around the issue through social media, blog pieces and video.

As part of the campaign we have put together a local learning case study that shows through a timeline infographic how short sentencing has effected one of our clients including our workers reflections and thoughts, view it here:

Timeline Re-offender Journey

People experiencing multiple disadvantage are in frequent contact with the criminal justice system. Every year 30,000 people go to prison for sentences of less than six months.

The vast majority are in prison for non-violent offences, and most are sent to prison for theft or minor drug offences. These crimes are linked to underlying issues of poverty, trauma, substance misuse, homelessness and poor mental health. Short sentences provide little time for support and lead to repeated interruptions to recovery within the community. For those serving longer sentences, where support is offered, it can be inconsistent and frequently does not meet their needs.

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