Systems Change

Achieving systems change is at the heart of the Fulfilling Lives Programme.

View our Theory of Systems Change diagram, and read our Manifesto for Change, which outlines our systems change themes and how we plan to achieve progress in these areas.

Theory of Systems Change

Fulfilling Lives South East have produced a Theory of Change exploring the aims of the project as well as the barriers and enablers for the change we want to see.

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Manifesto for Change

We have released a report, our Manifesto for Change, which highlights the six key themes that have arisen from the work of the South East Fulfilling Lives Project, and sets out our commitments under each of these themes.

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Systems Change Themes

Our lived experience groups, clients and Specialist Workers have identified approximately 200 gaps and barriers in services for people with Multiple and Complex Needs.

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Mechanisms for Change

Services and systems are made up of, and made by, people; and people can be inspired, educated, trained and convinced to work in a more humane, person-centred and enlightened way.

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