Systems Change

Achieving systems change is at the heart of the Fulfilling Lives Programme.

View our Theory of Systems Change diagram, and read our Change Action Plan, which provides more detail on our approach and our ‘Priority System Actions’ for the next two years.

Theory of Systems Change

Fulfilling Lives South East have produced a Theory of Change exploring the aims of the project as well as the barriers and enablers for the change we want to see.

Click on the image below to expand the diagram summarising our Theory of Systems Change.

Change Action Plan

The work of the South East Fulfilling Lives (SEFL) programme is overseen by a Core Group of statutory and voluntary agencies. The Core Group is responsible for helping to achieve the four project outcomes.

To achieve these outcomes the SEFL Core Group must have a clear understanding of the system and a clear set of priorities for systems change. The strategy below sets out the Core Group’s view on systems change, following a series of discussions.

Changing systems: A systems change strategy led by the South East Fulfilling Lives Core Group (pdf)