Green Inspectors- help us improve your garden area

Are your gardens important to you? Well-kept and trimmed gardens are beautifully calming and positively enhance people’s mood. We at BHT Sussex know that, and we want to make sure that your garden is in the best shape it can be. To do that we need your help, by opting to be a BHT Sussex Green Inspector.

As a Green Inspector you are the ‘eyes and ears’ for BHT Sussex Housing Services. You let us know how well our gardening contractors are doing their job. It’s simple to do. We tell you when your contractor is due to visit. You then look round the grounds as soon as possible after they have visited and use a simple online form to rate their performance against 5 criteria: grass cutting, shrub beds, hedges, paved areas and weeds. There’s a simple selection grade of 1-3 for each of the 5 questions and the option to upload a photo.

If you’d prefer to fill it by hand we will provide you with hard copies of the Green Inspector’s recording form along with stamped addressed envelopes for you to return it to me.

With your help, together we can maintain all our gardens to a standard that improves every resident’s well-being.

Please contact Alasdair Tenquist for more information on 07825 425084, or email

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