Win £20 with our quiz for tenants and clients

Do you consider yourself to be more of a book smart person or a street smart person? General knowledge or Geography? History or science? Music or sport? Or just a good all-rounder?

Whichever you are, the latest in our series of fortnightly BHT Sussex Quizzes will test your knowledge – and give you the chance to win a £20 prize as well! Compiled by our resident quiz expert Joe Ashdown from BHT Sussex’s Housing Services, these ten fun questions will get you scratching your head. Or perhaps you will find them a breeze?

Either way, once you have answered the questions, write down the ten letters which start each answer. They are an anagram – if you unscramble them they will spell out a name that should be familiar to you!

This quiz round closes on Monday 27 September 2021 at midday, after which the winner will be selected at random from all those getting every question correct. We will announce the winner via the website if they are happy for that to be done.

The 25th quiz is a general knowledge round – click here to begin.

Good luck!!