BHT’s Brighton Advice Moves From Queens Road To 144 London Road

BHT’s Housing Advice Centre and our Immigration Legal Service are moving this Friday (12 October) from their home of many years at Community Base in Queen’s Road to our head office on London Road, Brighton.

This move has been made possible by the acquisition of alternative accommodation in a neighbouring building for BHT’s central services, resulting in a net saving of around £35,000 per annum.

Last year the Brighton Advice Centre worked with 912 households and prevented homelessness in 586 cases.  BHT’s Housing Advice Centre supports people eligible for housing benefit with the following housing problems:

  • defending rent possession proceedings
  • unlawful eviction
  • disrepair that causes a serious risk to health
  • help with homelessness (actual or threatened)
  • court proceedings for housing related anti-social behaviour
  • injunctions under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997

People accessing advice at the Brighton Advice Centre must be eligible for legal aid. For more information go to visit our Brighton Advice Centre pages or phone 01273 645455.

The Immigration Legal Service provides advice and representation, under the Legal Aid scheme, in all areas of asylum and human rights law relating to Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights.  They can also provide advice and representation in some areas of Immigration law namely, bail applications, applications made by victims of trafficking, some Domestic Violence cases, and for preparation for a Judicial Review challenge.

This move makes huge sense operationally and financially.  We are bringing more of our services together under one roof, resulting in improved and better co-ordinated services for clients.  It will also save us a considerable sum of money each year in rent and other infrastructure costs.

Our staff will benefit by moving into newly refurbished office space which will make their work environment more pleasant and efficient, and clients will benefit from the newly refurbished space, interview rooms, and a new family interview room.

The location of our office in London Road is on many bus routes and very easily accessible for people with mobility difficulties.

We are sorry to be leaving Community Base.  We were one of the very first tenants and we have enjoyed working in close proximity to so many other, wonderful charities.

We part on very good terms with Community Base and wish them well in the future.

Nikki Homewood, BHT’s Director of Advice and Support Services


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